Neko Cosplay Photography by Teru Terumii

Neko has a unique eye with different colors (one green and one blue) she is a female character from the K anime series, she has about 155cm tall with carefree and playful personality, and the best part is she's gamer girl (gamers girl always look sexy to me), though she not too high but she was always hungry and will whine when she is not being fed. somehow she reminds me to Harugon (JKT48) xD.

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Sweet Neko Cosplay by Indonesian Cosplayer, Teru Terumii (not sure it's her real name), she has messy hair, Kawaii face and body, Sweet Cake and of course "Nyaan-Nyaannn~~ pose". what else is needed to look like a real Neko? Love this Sweet Neko cosplay pictures by Terumii.

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