Lucy Heartfillia Cosplay Photography by Laahmichelle

Lucy Heartfilia is a Celestial Spirit Mage from most awesome Guild in the world of Fairy Tail, with her ​​celestial magic power she can summon Spirit to help her fight and Lucy also become a key person in summoning dragon planned by Rogue. Lucy has shoulder-length blonde hair with a small ponytail to the side and with the rest of the hair loose.

                                Laahmichelle's DeviantArt

Laahmichelle looks very pretty with that Lucy Heartiflia Cosplay Costume, let me guess. Lucy was driving around town looking for a magic store to buy a new spirit key, what key she was holding in this Lucy Heartfillia Cosplay photo, Virgo? (never know the Keys form xD), wait....Happy spotted!, Yo ... Happy@! show your happy face to the camera.

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