Hot Fairy Tail Cosplay by Ginkiri

Dumb Gry Fullbuster how could he refuse such a hot girl like Juvia xD believe me Juvia is hot, especially when she wearing a swimsuit like on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photography, just a little wondering if Gry still can refuse her if Juvia look like in this Fairy Tail Cosplay photography ^^ (if he's still doing it, not sure he still straight Lol), i think in this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography Ginkiri Cosplaying as Juvia after timeskip when she got new haircut (she was inspired by Lucy).

Hot Fairy Tail Cosplay by Ginkiri Gallery

Yea the coser name is Ginkiri, she is rusian coser and i think this is my first time i post her cosplay photo in this blog, i don't know why but 90% anime character in my imagination is asian XD (although the character have a blonde hair or western background) thats why its hard to find western coser that really look fits as my imagination, well forget about that, in fact many western coser did awesome cosplay ^^ as well with this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography, love how she look like really enjoying the beach, this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography was remind me to Fairy Tail side story when they go to the beach for vacation :D, again, dumbass Gry Fullbuster XD, well i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography by Ginkiri from her worldCosplay page. its sweetie hot Juvia Loxar Cosplay photography (you can see whos the photographer behind this pic by reading notice in pic, i can't read that Lol).

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