Sweet Poison Ivy Cosplay by Mussum

Poison Ivy is my favorite villain in the Batman series, she is slightly different from most Batman's rogue, Poison Ivy was not crazy about the money she actually she has some good points, what she's doing could actually draw sympathy because she's just fighting for the earth but she's a little dangerously crazy that's why I don't want to be near her.

                                                 Mussum's WorldCosplay

This Sweet Poison Ivy Cosplay photo by Mussum, about how hot mussum in this Sweet Poison Ivy Cosplay picture, I think she is no less than the real one, what's not cool about being green and covered in leaves? The Cosplay Costume is very cool and a lot of detail. wonder if it real leaves or not ... well I think not. see also her Ms.Marvel Cosplay photo.

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