One Piece Cosplay : Nami & Sanji (Stick with Me Nami Swan!!)

Another sweet One Piece Cosplay photo by duo famous japan coser, Usagi cosplaying as Nami Swan (almost perfect) and Kaname cosplaying as girls maniac Sanji The Black Leg, they both look perfect on this One Piece Cosplay...umm...almost perfect for nami. Kaname look really fits as sanji she got sanji expression and have the same face shape with most people imaging.

About Usagi, i really love her nami cosplay Photo on this One Piece Cosplay : Nami & Sanji (Stick with Me Nami Swan!!), she look so sweet and cute its almost perfect but!!...i think she got Nami's body from 5 years ago before time skip XD. its almost look like nami from Arlong arch. like i said she look perfect on every aspect beside her breast ^^" well even so i still love this One Piece Cosplay : Nami & Sanji (Stick with Me Nami Swan!!). got this from random site from internet. The best Nami & Sanji Cosplay i've ever seen.

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