Fairy Tail Cosplay : Beauty of Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Beauty of Erza Scarlet Gallery

Erza is one of the main protagonist character on Fairy Tail Anime and she's my favorites female character on Fairy Tail, lets talk about her power, she is S class wizard and the strongest female wizard in her guild, shes using reequip magic that allow her to change her weapon set as she whim, so far my favorite armor is Black Wing Armor, Adamintine Armor (she look like gundam) and this Samurai Girls Cloth is also my favorite (but i dont know what this armor name) and the most i love is...Erza's Seduction Armor XD she look so hawt with that armor.

Erza Scarlet Seduction Armor

On this Fairy Tail Cosplay : Beauty of Katana Erza Scarlet, she wearing Samurai Girls Cloth armor, she look so pretty with soft shade and the flower on this Fairy Tail Cosplay, and the coser is look fits well as Erza Scarlet, well i think this is one of the best Erza Scarlet Cosplay Photo i've ever seen but sadly i don't know whos the coser name (Unknown Coser) i found this Erza Scarlet Cosplay photo randomly from the internet, so, if you know whos the coser is in this Erza Scarlet Cosplay photo, please let me know ^^ tyvm. 

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