One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha

One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha Cosplayer, One Piece is Pirates era themed anime writted by Eichiro oda, its awesome anime (since i love that lol) i like naruto anime too, but unlike naruto the story on One Piece anime run faster and we can enjoy every single event more fast too ( naruto always talk too much before they fight XD) that why i love one piece more then naruto (but still i like naruto) the story on One Piece take a place when there is still uncount beast creature in the sea, there is also mystical creature like kraken or dragon, but in One Piece the beast creature like that only become food for Luffy and his crew XD, they kill them and ask Sanji to cook that, i cant imagine if Straw hat pirates come to Pirates Of Carebean movie, what happen if luffy meet Jhony deep/Jack sparrow, i think Luffy will ask jack sparrow to join his crew :D, well So far One Piece Anime is my favorites Anime, and another anime wich i love is Fairy Tail (i love erza scarlet :P), I wondering How luffy can defeat one yonku Big Mom after luffy chalenge her by Phone :D umm i mean by DenDen mushi.

One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha Gallery

well Tasha Cosplay as one antagonist character from One Piece anime, Perona, Perona is Lolita Gothic girl who has abillity to create some ghost who make her can control human feeling, perona usualy wearing pink dress with pink umbrella and of course with some Gothic makeup, i dont really like this character on One Piece anime, but i fall in love with her when Tasha Cosplaying as her XD, in this One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha, Tasha wearing different Perona cosplay costume with perona dress in the anime, i mean i dont remember Perona ever wearing dress black dress like that or maybe Perona wearing that when they stay at same island with zoro, well Tasha seem not fit enough as Perona (i mean tasha has more mature face, ummm just different face characteristic with perona which i ever imagine) beside that i think Tasha need more Gothic make up, she look too sweet in this One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha XD, well though Tasha not fit with Perona which i ever imagine but she has make Perona seem better :D, well...i got this One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha from visit there when you have a time, sweet One Piece Cosplay Perona by Tasha.

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