One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by MI

One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by MI Cosplayer, This is another cosplay photo from sweet cosplayer as Boa Hancock, ya i read One Piece manga lately so i inspired to post about one piece cosplay from yersterday ahead, but its hard to find good one piece cosplay photo who seem fit enough as the cosplay character which they cosplaying, hard to find someone who can fit with the character personality, but there is several One Piece which will be more easy to cosplaying, that is some girls character on one piece like Nami, Nico Robin and ofcourse Boa Hancock, i think the only requirement to cosplaying as Boa Hancock is the cosplayer must have beautifull and sweet face :D, and for Boa Hancock cosplay costume number two :D, beside that i always imagine Boa Hancock has asian appearance :D, so if the cosplayer is korean, Chinese or Japanese alway look fit as Boa hancock which i ever imagine ^^.

One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Mi Gallery

This is Mi Cosplay photo as Boa Hancock from One Piece anime, and this is my first time i post cosplay photo from cosplayer Mi though i think i already her cosplay photo for several time, when i saw this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by MI for first time i just said "XD Mi can be Tasha rival on my heart" shes so sweet that why she look fit too as Boa Hancock and once again i was freezing when i saw this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by MI (i almost become a stone again XD), Mi has Different face characteristic with Tasha, i think Mi has more mature face characteristic, i love her blue eyes and when i see her eyes the world stop turn for a while, becouse shes amazing just the way Mi are XD (lol Bruno Marz), Mi wearing different costume with Boa Hancock cloth in the anime (i dont remmember Boa Hancock ever wearing that cloth) but that cloth seem amazing on Mi, beside that her hair look very natural and has natural black color too, so i almost think that was her real hair, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by MI from, sweet One Piece anime cosplay as Boa Hancock.

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