Cute Nami Cosplay by Unknown Cosplayer

I have not seen Nami Cosplay with her short hair (before the two year timeskip) for long time, most of her cosplay picture now is cosplaying as Nami with long orange hair, I feel like I've really missed to see Nami with her cute ​​short hair, I was actually very excited when I saw this Cute Nami Cosplay picture.

I don't remember Nami as cute as this with her short hair ^^ she's super kawaii in swimsuit, but sadly I don't know the name of the Cosplayer who is in this Cute Nami Cosplay picture, so sorry I could not fasten her name right, I'm love her ​​short orange hair though its slightly different from Nami hair in One Piece anime, other than that her tattoos seems too small.

Ps. actually, I'm not sure he was playing Nami

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