Morgana Cosplay Photo by Lolcos

This is it, The fallen angel Morgana Cosplay photo by Lolcos, Morgana is one of the female champion on League of Legends game, I think everything looks great on this Morgana Cosplay photo, the coser seems fits enough as Morgana except her smile expression on the first photo ^^. Well the proff, lighting and the photo effect give a big contribution to make this Morgana Cosplay looks awesome.

Yea Lolcos behind this Morgana Cosplay photo if you like this Morgana Cosplay photo im ure you will love this Nidalee Cosplay too, Morgana is an Angel, but when she fought against she perceived as the tyranny of her kind, she was branded as fallen, so yea, she's a fallen angel. i got this Cosplay photo by Lolcos from somehere on internet, i really forgot from where ^^" sorry for not including source link on this post.

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