Boa Hancock Cosplay : by Deicn911

This time I got another Boa Hancock Cosplay by Deicn911, this is not my first time i post Boa Hancock Cosplay photo by Deicn911 on, you can find her another One Piece Cosplay Here. Actually Deicn911 is one of few coser who look fits as Boa Hancock character, you know it’s hard to cosing as pretty, smexy but still look strong, and Deicn911 has all of that.


On this Boa Hancock Cosplayphoto she married with luffy, wait is that possible? I don’t think luffy interested on before he become a pirates king, well whatever, i think they really enjoying Boa Hancock’s wedding but i’m sure luffy won’t share his wedding cake, that why they chasing him Lol. Well although this is not my favorites Boa Hancock Cosplay but Deicn911 really made Boa Hancock’s dream came true.

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