Saya Cosplay Photography from PINK

Saya Cosplay Photography From PINK Gallery

Saya Cosplay Photography from PINK anime series, well actually i dont know what PINK is xD i cant find any information about this PINK anime, well let's just assume this is anime, in this Saya cosplay photography she cosplaying with her good friend Mishin, they both look very cute with that cosplay costume (i think that my reason why i dont really care what cosplay is this :P) its very nice to see two cute girl cosplaying together with soo colorfull cosplay costume :D though i think in second Saya Cosplay they need put more light, actually there are also two more cosplayers who cosplaying as two differen character but its so pity i know nothing about this Saya Coplay photography, its would very nice someone can tell me or give me information about what cosplay is this and whos the two another cosplayer name in this Saya Cosplay Photography, well i got this Saya Cosplay Photography from, i wish i'll get some information about this cosplay so i can edit this post, well sweet Saya Cosplay Photography.

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