Kawaii Kipi Cosplay : Everydays

Kawaii Kipi Cosplay : Everydays Gallery

This is not Kipi Cosplay photography but since this is Cosplay blog i think i still need to put "Cosplay" word on this entry ^^, you can find Previous Kipi Cosplay photo here, i always love to see Kipi Cosplay Photography but when i saw her with casual cloth like on this Kipi Cosplay, there is something different from Kipi that makes me love her even more, like on this Kipi's Everyday photo, she look so cute with that sweaters and scarves, i think this Kipi Cosplay Photography was taken in two different place, in lake (or etc) and in playground (carousel always work to show romantic moment ^^) well i got this Kipi Cosplay Photography from cosrain. 

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