Steins;Gate Cosplay by Chamaro

Now we got a real Makise Kurisu character in real live, i think this is one of the best Steins;gate Cosplay of Makise Kurisu ever, there is many great makise kurisu cosplay but i got two favorites Steins;gate Cosplay of Makise Kurisu photo, this one and Makise Kurisu by Merelyric, well when i saw Makise's Hair and personality she always remind me to Erza Scarlet from fairy tail (plain in love XD) and pride of herself ability, and Chamaro can really show that part on this Steins;gate Cosplay.

Steins;gate Cosplay by Chamaro Gallery

Beside that i really love the lighting and the blur effect on this Steins;gate Cosplay photo, not only make photo focused on the cosplayer but that make this Steins;gate Cosplay look more dramatic, well chamaro look pretty and quite similar with Makise Kurisu that i had imagined, though i think Chamaro wearing her sweater in different way from Makise Kurisu (i think Makise Kurisu let the collar of her sweater falls), well Chamaro make me in love with this Makise Kurisu character even more ^^, well actually there is perfect Moeka Cosplay too (at least she look perfect as Moeka in that third Steins;gate Cosplay picture) its like i saw real Moeka on anime xD, but i don't know whos the cosplayer name is (someone tell me pls XD) ~i got this Steins;gate Cosplay photo from cosrain.

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