K-On Cosplay : Azusa Nakano by Chamaro

Chamaro always look more mature on every her cosplay photo lately, but i think this K-On Cosplay photo was taken long time ago, because Chamaro looks so cute with her cute body, i think thats seem fits with Azusa Nakano appearance, Azusa has long black hair, which she wears in pigtails, and orange-tinted brown eyes. She is the shortest member of the group and has cat-like features (e.g small eyes and a slightly thinner face), i dont think that Chamaro was that short but her cloth on this K-On Cosplay photo made her appear shorter than the original.

K-On Cosplay : Azusa Nakano by Chamaro  Gallery

I got this K-On Cosplay photo by Chamaro from cosrain, i dont know why actually i was planing to post Midori Kanda Cosplay photo now, but think i miss to see chamaro cosplay, when i see her cosplay i decide to post her K-On Cosplay photo now, there is nothing compex about her cosplay photo, but i really love her black hair chamaro look so cute with that hairstyle and color, beside that i dont think that was a wig that really like her real hair (its always nice when someone not wearing wig on their cosplay :D) that look more natural, well its sweet K-On Cosplay photo by Chamaro.

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