Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo : Sena Kashiwazaki

Lets take a breath XD glad im not Sanji, if i was Saji  maybe i won't stop nosebleeding to the death XD after saw Mai Shiranui Cosplay by Denka, well lets switch from hawt coser into Cute and sweet cosplayer Asae Ayato, finally i can find another Asae Ayato Cosplay photo as Sena Kashiwazaki, as always she always makes me fall in love with every Asae Ayato Cosplay photo, i dont know that was make up or not, she always got a red cheek that make her look even more cuter ^^ and she got beautiful and warm eyes, beside that she always looks great with that Sena Kashiwazaki hair.

Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo : Sena Kashiwazaki Gallery

Well on this Asae Ayato Cosplay photo she cosplaying as Sena (swimsuit version) its nice to see Sena wearing swimsuit here, because i never see Sena wearing swimsuit like that (not following that anime), i think this Asae Ayato is really fit with Summer theme, on this Asae Ayato Cosplay she look like being enjoying her day in a pool :D i wish ikaros can help me to transform into that water XD (just like tomoki in Sora no otoshimono lol) well i got this Asae Ayato Cosplay photo from, actually i dont want post it now (since this Ayato Cosplay photo just posted in Cosrain yesterday XD) but cant wait to post this Asae Ayato here :D well i really love it.

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