One Piece Cosplay Hebihime by Deicn911

One Piece Cosplay Hebihime by Deicn911 Coser, in this Cosplay photo Deicn Cosplaying as Boa Hancock (or also known as Hebihime) i really love this character she probably my favorites character on One Piece anime (she looks cute and funny when she blushing) and when Hancock collaps from being rejected by luffy xD, i think i already post this One Piece cosplay photo before but i still dont know whos the cosplayer is so i decide to repost that now, Deicn911 got warm and beatifull eyes that made her looks even more suit as Boa Hancock beside that her beauty and body posture can really represent Boa Hancock as the most beautifull girl in One Piece (well everybody fall in love with her), and then she got nice hair too that seem very natural and looks like a real Boa Hancock hair im sure that was not a wig because Deicn911 got short hair and she loves that (she said, she wanna become handsome boy xD).

One Piece Cosplay Hebihime by Deicn911 Gallery

Well i love the second and third photo on this One Piece Cosplay photo, not because she was half-naked but that One Piece cosplay photo looks so soft and neat and she also looks very beautiful and her charm fully came out XD i guess that Mero-mero no Mi effect, in that picture, and when i saw that, that photo was remind me to the scene when Luffy saw Boa Hancock for the first time, Luffy stumbles into Hancock's bath and notices the mark on her back, Boa Hancock FTW!! and Deicn911 has made Boa Hancock come to alive, Hancock is a very complex woman. At first glance, she appears to be selfish, pompous, spoiled, and used to having her own way, and she always got everything she want, She can also act arrogant and cruel, usually justifying her less-than-admirable actions with her apparently unmatched beauty, causing her to think that she can get away with anything because the world will forgive her but when she meet with Luffy everything was changed :D, well i got this One Piece Cosplay by Deicn911 from her DevianArt page, visit there to see her another awesome cosplay photo.

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