Fairy Tail Cosplay : Gray Fullbuster

Cool Fairy Tail Cosplay photo by Jayem Sison, its been long time i already got this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo but i was not interested to post that on this blog (so its forgoten xD) till yesterday, i read one post on facebook about this cosplay photo and there so many girls crazy about this cosplay photo, well i must said Jayem Sison really did great on making Gray Character come to alive he really looks fits as gray, and he also did great on making many girls crazy about him =.=".

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Gray Fullbuster Gallery

I kinda Jealous with his abs =.=" thats looks like photoshoped lmao, after i saw this Fairy Tail cosplay photo i decide to start workout and build abs (i gonna start workout this morning and wish i got that abs tomorow xD) ~Mission imposible, well i think this is the best Gray Fullbuster cosplay ive ever seen, he got nice body though i think gray's body is not that "Photoshoped", beside that her hair seems bit different (i think many girls won't notice that, coz they already nosebleeding when focused on his body xD) i already got the best cosplay photo of Erza, Lucy, and Gray now, so all i need is to find the best Natsu and Happy ofc to complete Fairy Tail Team (Natsu Team), i got this cool Fairy Tail Cosplay by Jayem Sison from cosgeek, and the cosplay photo are copyrighted to Lea Navarra.

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