One Piece Cosplay Photo : Boa Hancock

One Piece Cosplay Photo : Boa Hancock character by Sweet korean cosplayer Tasha, Tasha is one of my favorites cosplayer ^^ that why i always love to see her cospay photo, in this One Piece Cosplay she cosplaying as the queen of Pirates and the only female member of Shichibukai, Boa Hancock, unlike her twin sister who has a face and a strange body posture, Boa Hancock has propersional body posture slim and hawt :D, and Boa Hancock in not just beautifull but she is also can use Hakki power to make her attack become more powerful, Boa Hancock is my favorites character in One Piece Anime, i like her because her hairstyle ^^ she looks so pretty with that hairstyle, and also her B 43.7" - W 24.02" - H 35.83" XD.

One Piece Cosplay Photo : Boa Hancock Gallery

Well,..I think Tasha is one girl who looks fit as Hancock, Tasha has oriental face (and that fit with Boa Hancock which i ever imagine), beside that her body posture seem fit enough as Boa Hancock, this not my first time i post her One Piece Cosplay Photo as Boa hancock, but in this One Piece Cosplay her cosplay costume looks detailed though i think there is several differences in some part, i dont think there is fur in the collar part and Boa Hancock clothes look more open at the chest section ^^, well that not a point, and i think her admiral robe looks oversized for Tasha XD and look the same color as the background, I did not even realize, Tasha robes when i saw this One Piece Cosplay photo at the first time, i love this One Piece Cosplay, and i got this One Piece Cosplay from, sweet Tasha Cosplay.

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