One Piece Cosplay Brook by Divideby0

One Piece Cosplay Brook by Divideby0 photography, This is another One Piece Anime cosplay photo as one of the straw hat pirates mamber, One Piece Anime is adaption from One Piece manga and there is always bit difference on the story between them, the story on One Piece following the Main Luffy dream to become pirates king, and in this One Piece anime cosplay photo the cosplayer cosplaying as the last man who join the pirates crew so far, his name is brook actually brook is a pirates captain who aiming to go to New world but his ship and crew has attacked by shicibukai (i forgot that sichibukai name, but his pirates ship name is Thiller Bark), Brook eat a devil fruit who made him live imortal, but nothing good with that because his body only bone left xD, Brook very skillfull on using sword just like zoro (ofc zoro is much stronger than him) Luffy very exciting when saw brook at first time and he ask brook to join his crew because he need musician on their journey.

One Piece Cosplay Brook by Devideby0 Gallery   

One Piece Cosplay Photo Brook character, this is stunning brook cosplay photo and the most awesome brook cosplay photo wich i ever seen, ya its really hard to find someone can make one piece character alive, i mean its hard to find a good one, and yesterday i found some great One Piece Cosplay photo one of them is this Brook cosplay, in this One Piece Cosplay Brook by Divideby0 the cosplayer has did great and impresive work on his cosplay costume, that was look like a real brook XD its awesome to see brook playing biola like that in real world, i even can hear his music :o its awesome, i love this One Piece Cosplay Brook by Divideby0 brook seem really come to alive, uh well not really seem like a real bone but still its great work of cosplay costume :D, i got this One Piece Cosplay Brook by Divideby0 from, great One Piece Cosplay works.

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