Kiyoshi Sakurazuka Cosplay as Sojiro Seta

Kiyoshi Sakurazuka Cosplay as Sojiro Seta character from Rouroni Kenshin, Rouroni Kenshin is Japanese Novel writted by Nobuhiro Watsuki, this anime was take background in Edo era, when the goverment start to forbide samurai or someone carry sword arround city, Rouroni Kenshin is my first favorites anime i still remmember i always go home early from school just to watch this anime, and i think this is also the one of my reason i become like anime (i dont know about anime before watch this Rouroni Kenshin, in this cosplay photography Kiyoshi Sakurazuka cosplaying as one of strongest enemy in the series, his name is Sojiro Seta (when dueling him Kenshin almost lose from him), Sojiro is a teenager boy who has cute face and i think he has girly look too, beside that he always smiling while fight and seem expressles, that why i like this character he always look cool and chill in fight, when he fight Kenshin he even take a break because he want fix his sandals.

Kiyoshi Sakurazuka Cosplay as Sojiro Seta Gallery 

This is one of Kiyoshi Sakurazuka cosplay photo as Male character, um i mean its rarely to see Kiyoshi Sakurazuka cosplaying as male character, i dont know what its call Crossdresser or what, but Kiyoshi Sakurazuka always cosplaying as girl character (since he has very cute face, i think noone will notice if hes a guy) that why i think Kiyoshi seem perfectly fit as Sojiro in this Kiyoshi Sakurazuka Cosplay as Sojiro Seta, everything set well, the cosplay costume has been made well, the background set of nature has give more expression and can represent Sojiro well, and Kiyoshi body posture seem similar too with Sojiro, but there is something which i think not good on this Kiyoshi Sakurazuka Cosplay as Sojiro Seta, that is Kiyoshi Expression XD he has too cute smile (sojiro must have expressless smile) and i think Kiyoshi will look perfect too if he cosplaying as Kaoru kamiya :D, uh well i got this Kiyoshi Sakurazuka Cosplay as Sojiro Seta from, its sweet Sojiro Cosplay photo by Kiyoshi Sakurazuka.

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