One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by CRY

One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by CRY Cosplayer, this is another One Piece Anime character cosplay photo, this time i got another Boa Hancock cosplay photo, the cosplayer name is Cry (i dont get why her name is Cry, mabe she crying when luffy get bad injured from war at marine fort XD), we can say Boa Hancock is the most beautifull girl in One Piece anime, she has Long black hair and she has shy face too (though in fact she always look down to people arround her XD, especially to the marine), beside that she has perfect body posture who can made every single man fall inlove with her, Boa Hancock is devil fruit user, she eat Mero Mero devil fruit who made her can turn someone who get attrack by her into a stone (just like Medusa abillity), beside that devil fruit abillity Boa Hancock also a Haki user she can focus her haki in her foot so she can kick everything she want including Logia devil fruit type user, but her abillity to make people into a stone not work with inoncene guys like lufy xD.

One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Cry Gallery

Its Cry Cosplay as Boa Hancock, I think this is my first time i post Cry cosplay photo and its been many time i post Boa Hancock cosplay photo, (i kinda bored always post Boa Hancock and perona Cosplay photo lately XD) but i think this is my lastime i post boa hancock for several week ahead, i already post Boa Hancock by Tasha and Mi, that was great and sweet One Piece anime cosplay as Boa Hancock, as well with this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by CRY, Cry seem very sweet here, though she has diferent image with Boa Hancock which i ever imagine, i dont know why just different but Cry has been manage to create another sweet Boa Hancock in this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by CRY, well there is many thing which i love from this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by CRY, i love the background of this One Piece Anime cosplay photo, i love Cry hair (that was look very natural), i love her costume too that seem close to the Boa Hancock costume, but the most i love from this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by CRY, is The angle of this cosplay photo was take XD that was nice angle --nose bleed--, well i got this sweet One Piece Anime Cosplay photo from, visit there to see another cosplay photo.

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