Vocaloid Type H Cosplay by Miiko

Vocaloid Type H Cosplay by Miiko as Miku Hagane, i already post about this Vocaloid Type H Cosplay by Miiko before, that was nice cosplay with stunning makeup and nice cosplay costume, but till now i still confused and dont get any complete information about this another vocaloid, i still wondering if there is any relation about Original vocaloid with this another vocaloid, is this official vocaloid or fanmade and many question ive about this vocaloid.

Miiko Cosplay Photo Gallery

In the last cosplay photo by Miiko, Miiko has did great cosplay photo but i dont really like with the background of photo that kinda opposite with the Miiko style as Heavy metal singer, and that was make the cosplay photo seem crowded, but this time i think Miiko still using same cosplay costume and i thought this Vocaloid Type H Cosplay by Miiko has been took in same moment, i love the first cosplay photo, with dark blue shade has been made that photo seem can really represent the Miku Hagane as Heavy metal singer, still i took this cosplay photo from cosrain.com, nice cosplay.

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