Hayase Ami Cosplay as Koromo Amae

Hayase Ami Cosplay as Koromo Amae from Saki anime series, Saki is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ritz Kobayashi and has been adapted to the anime, the story revolves around a first-year high school girl named Saki Miyanaga who is brought into the competitive world of mahjong by another first-year (i cant play mahyong xD, actually i can read chinese or japanese word :P), the main character on this Saki Manga series name Saki Miyaga, she is a high school first year student, actually she is hates mahjong becouse her family would always force her to play it, in this Hayase Ami Cosplay as Koromo Amae Hayase ami cosplaying as the scond yer student at Ryuumonbuchi high named Koromo Amae, and she is mahjong teams ace player, shes really good in playing mahjong and become key player in the team, Koromo act as her appearance, she has long blonde haired with long bunny hairband (i dont think that was bunny hairband, just look like it for me ^^).

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Hayase Ami cosplaying Koromo Amae, hayase seem did great work in some aspect on this Hayase Ami Cosplay as Koromo Amae, the cosplay costume has been made well in seem close enough with Koromo Amae costume in the manga although i think her cosplay costume looks a little rumpled ^^, but that not important point here, i love her wigh too that seem bit different with Koromo Amae haircut but that was seem very fit with Hayase Ami face characteristic, beside that the long red bunny hairband made her seem cuter, hayase ami has create another Koromo Amae character that, i mean Hayase seem different with Koromo Amae which i ever imagine, actually there is another cosplayer in this Hayase Ami Cosplay as Koromo Amae, she cosplaying as another character in the anime, i took this Hayase Ami Cosplay as Koromo Amae  from mon0r.com, this is sweet cosplay by ayase ami.

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