Demonbane Cosplay by Sosku

Demonbane Cosplay by Sosku as Another Blood, DemonBane is a series by Nitroplus with mecha and Cthulhu Mythos elements at first this is game for PC and lately this game has been ported to Playstation 2, in this Demonbane game takes place primarily in a region resembling the Lovecraft Country common to several of the Mythos stories,  In the space above Earth, the Deus Machina Aeon clashes with another unknown machine but due to its lack of a "master" it is defeated and crashes on the surface of the planet, i never play this game before i just hear the name, Sosku cosplaying as Another blood in this Demonbane Cosplay by Sosku, i can explain what Anoter blood is becouse i never play this game ^^, i cant find any detailed information too about this character, so anyone know about this game please gimme some info xD.

Demonbane Cosplay by Sosku Photo Gallery

Sosku has did awesome cosplay photo in this Demonbane Cosplay by Sosku everything seem perfect for me, her wig seem good on her and look natural enough though i think that was nice becouse of red shade from light filter, the cosplay costume i has been made well that was perfectly fit with the dress which wearing by Another Blood (i already compare that with another blood picture ^^') that red dress with red shade and the rose flower seem very fit with the background of photo who made the classical and feminin thouch come out, i love the backgound of stretch of the book that seem very nice and can very represent about who is Another Blood and the Demonbane game, well i took this Demonbane Cosplay by Sosku from, visit there to see the rest cosplay photo.

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