High School of the Dead Cosplay Saeko by vampybeauty

High School of the Dead Cosplay by VampyBeauty, yesterday i already post her cosplay photo as Juri from Street Fighter IV, what do you think when first time when see this cosplay photo? :D i just think she's hot xD, well i think that VampyBeauty really represent the saeko character, i mean saeko will look like that when she become real girl. Like her cosplay photo before VampBeauty did well whit this High School of the dead Cosplay photo too, she look very hot with that Saeko Cosplay Costume though i think VampyBeauty has been made different Saeko with Saeko image in my head, vampiBeauty look more mature for High School Student ^^.

High School of the Dead Cosplay by VampyBeauty Gallery

The Saeko Cosplay costume in this High School of The dead Cosplay photo has been made well with high detailed, i love to see her shoes and her knee protectors which made with high detail and really look like a real one, and her purple wig, i think that make Linda lee look more sweet ^^, but the katana she use, i think that really look different with katana whos used by Saeko in anime, well im not lie if i said i like the angle the of this Cosplay photo was taken ^^", i got this great High School of the Dead Cosplay from VampBeauty DevGallery. u can go there with this link vampbeauty.deviantart.com.

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