Naruto : Stunning Anbu Cosplay

Naruto : Stunning Anbu Cosplay
I really do not know what cosplay is this, I was a little doubt this Anbu cosplay  or not, but seeing that she wears a mask like in the Naruto series, I think it was Anbu cosplay, I do not know what you think guys, but this is super cool cosplay ... im falling in love when see this photo cosplay >.<, shes expression, make her really fit with special squadron Anbu, and she look mysterious too, i love this picture.

Its amazing cosplay, I think she is real ninja, she looks very beautiful but strong, and can turn the character of the Anbu alive, I think she was a member of the Anbu squad for real ... and if Anbu exist in this world, then she's probably one of them ^^. i super love this cosplay, but I do not know who the cosplayer behind this amazing cosplay, she's really mysterious >.<, Greaaaaatttt Cosplay!

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