Ichigo 100% Cosplay >> Aya Toujo

Aya Toujo, is a junior high school student, who loved to write the script, but very insecure. and ashamed to show his handiwork. She always wrote the script in the book menghabikan catatanm and always breaks on the roof of the school. until finally she's records, fell and was discovered by Manaka Jumpei (the main character in the manga). they admired each other.

 Manaka aspire to become directors, and greatly admired Aya manuscript. aya always wore thick glasses, and always looks freaky ... all people do not realize when Aya opened her glasses .... she became very beautiful girl.

from the first reading of this comic I really liked her character in this manga. she looks very cute, and seemed to be very hard to find characters seimut him in the real world. but this is very similar cosplay, and meet Toujo loaded into Aya. great cosplay! \ (^ O ^) /

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