Sweet Mayoko Okino Cosplay : Zone-00

Ever heard the old witch flying with her ​​magic broom? I think all kids have heard about it, but here we have a sexy witch from ZONE-00 anime, she is Mayoko Okino she also known with Majoko name (from Majo "witch" Ko from her name), she has long black hair with kepan on the back.

There are two versions of Mayoko in this Sweet Mayoko Okino Cosplay picture, first picture is Okino Mayoko by Kisaskiurumi she looks very mature with her red lips, and in the second Sweet Mayoko Okino Cosplay picture is by Rinto Tochi, girls does always look sweeter when they close their eyes, right? Which one do you guys prefer? a sweet one or who are ready for something. well i love them both.

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