Perfect Hanji Zoe Cosplay by Astellecia

This Racoon Corp Member is very obsessed with Titan, her face would change drastically when she hear or see titan. she is Hanji Zoe from Shingeki no Kyojin anime series, Hanji Zoe was the one who led the research on Titan to find their secret and weakness, everybody hates tittan in their own way and reason but maybe only Hanji Zoe who saw titan from a different side.

.                               Astellecia DeviantArt

Cosplayer in this Perfect Hanji Zoe Cosplay Pictures is Astellecia, her prop, face expression, her body everything looks perfect to me, actually I want to ask her some question about how she made that awesome scenes but she was look too busy with her ​​research, better not bother her or i will be stuck in boredom, Lol her face in the last Perfect Hanji Zoe Cosplay picture, she got Hanji Zoe's strange face .

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