Perfect Brook Cosplay Photography

Brook is a straw hat pirate crew most recently joined, he was a musician, he has thick lips, high tall body and a very cool afro hair, but when he met with Luffy for the first time, he just has bones left and his afro hair, but that's why luffy invited Brook to join his crew, well ... I think Luffy did not ever find a normal pirate crew.

When I saw this Perfect Brook Cosplay picture, it make me believe that the skull actually live in the real world, I think I just saw the original brook in this Perfect Brook Cosplay picture. its awesome cosplay costume, I'm just curious who the Cosplayer behind this cool picture.  whoever he is, he is awesome guy, Hail to the KING Soul Brook! ~

Cosplayer : ?????
Character : Soul King Brook
Tittle : One Piece Anime

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