One Piece Cosplay : Nami & Chopper

Introducing, they are Nami and Chopper Two of Straw Hat Pirates Crew from One Piece Anime, Nami is a navigator who are ready to take Mugiwara Lufy wherever he wants to go, even though to the island in the sky, and if you feel unwell ship's doctor Tony-Tony Chopper is the right person for you to ask for help, he will cure you of any disease.

                                                 Kousaka's fanpage

Cosplayer in this One Piece Cosplay : Nami & Chopper pictures is Tomoe (Nami Cosplay) and Kousaka (Tony-Tony Chopper Cosplay), Kousaka somehow looks to be very short and petite here how she can did it? Although this is a One Piece Cosplay picture are from "2 years after TimeSkip appearance" but Chopper Cosplay with his favorite twigs reminded me of when he was in Sky Forest (Enel Arc before timeskip).

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