Kisshou Cosplay Zone-00 by Kisakiurumi

Kisshou is one of the character from Zone-00 anime, his age over 250 thats look around 14 he  looks very cheerful and innocent it made ​​everyone who saw wanting to squeeze Kisshou from cuteness, her looks, smells, and will act female, but Kisshou is the Benio chose name for himself as his alter ego, I'm using "he" because Benio/Kisshou is a male.

How cute Benio is? he looks as cute as Kisshou on this Kisshou Cosplay picture, do worry what you see in this Kisshou Cosplay picture is Kisshou by Kisakiurumi (she is a girl), Kisakiurumi is very sweet and cute it makes me want to squeeze her (im serious). Kissshou actually has a lot of tattoos but in this Kisshou Cosplay picture we can only see small part on his thigh.

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