Cure Happy Cosplay : Smile PreCure

Miyuki Hoshizora is a class 2 high school girl who has the power to transform into Cure Happy, like her name and that you see in this Cure Happy Cosplay picture, Miyuki is very cheerful and optimistic that always brings happiness to the people around her, I think she does look quite cheerful this Cure Happy Cosplay Pcitures.

The purple color looks very contrast with blur urban background, I'm not a fan of Smile PreCure anime so about how similar Usagiyakuro (Cosplayer) in this Cure Happy Cosplay picture? I think you know better than I, but in the second picture I think her pant look too oversized ^^, Well thats not a big deal...she still looks so-super kawaii with that PreCure Cosplay costume.

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