Bubble Head Nurse Cosplay : Silent Hill Game

Here she come, very scary nurse from Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2 Game, Bubble Head Nurse, In Silent Hill games they use iron pipe as a weapon to blow player head, they are slow opponent, yet they are surprisingly fast on the attack. so becareful dude. how scary are they? You can see it in this Bubble Head Nurse Cosplay picture.

                                                Mussum's WorldCosplay

What would you do if you met Bubble Head Nurse in the real world? First I would ask "are you Mussum?" (Mussum is the cosplayer on this Bubble Head Nurse Cosplay), if she says yes, I will ask her to do her best pose. Mussum conjure her sweet face in to very creepy Bubble Head Nurse face. she did awesome Silent Hill 2 Game Cosplay work here.

If you want to know how sweet Mussum without Bubble Head Nurse face, I think you should see this Ms.Marvel Cosplay Pictures.

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