Sasha Braus Cosplay by Nami

This is my favorite Sasha Braus Cosplay picture, though a little too clean and neat as potatoes girl, but among the many of Sasha cosplay photo, this photo was the most fitting and appropriate to sasa's in my imagination, she has ponytail hair with slightly reddish color and I'm sure it's not a wig.

I really love her innocent expression and the way she holds bread when she ate it, that the same expression as when she eats potatoes in the introduction of new soldiers (Shingeki no Kyojin anime, episode 3), well so far as I know the name of the cosplayer behind this Sasha Braus Cosplay photo is Nami, but unfortunately only one image is just that I find. please tell me if you know something about her.

Instead, I got a picture of Titan who eat Eren's mom, they look exactly same right? :D

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