Rin Matsuoka Cosplay by Toki

If you like Free! anime surely you are familiar with this character, he is Rin Matsuoka, a handsome guy and one of the main characters of the Free! anime series, he is a swimmer from Samezuka Academy and rival of Haruka Nanase. His appearance can be illustrated very well in this Rin Matsuoka Cosplay by Toki, he has a brownish red semi-long hair, I think Toki looks quite similar to the existing Rin in anime and the fans will say the same thing.

At first Rin really like swimming match but over time his desires and swiming goals had changed, he was not too concerned anymore with the accomplishments, what he wants now is to challenge Nanase and show him how much more skilled he is, what I like from this Rin Matsuoka Cosplay photo is a Loki's face, confident look that is very suitable with Rin Matsuoka Rude personalities. well good Cosplay Photo.

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