Princess Mononoke Cosplay by Caitlin

Never imagined Princess Mononoke Cosplay will be as cute as this. Princess Mononoke is an epic historical fantasy Japanese anime movie in 1997, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, this film tells the journey story of a prince Ashitaka, he cursed after killing Nago, the demon boar god who tried to attack his tribe, while on his journey to find the cure he met with San (Princess Mononoke) a girl who was raised by wolves, and hates humans, but Ashitaka's affection to her that she slowly comes to acknowledge her human side as well.

In this Princess Mononoke Cosplay Caitlin does not wear a hat/mask and wolf fur cape, I think she would look cooler if she was wearing it, even though her ​​hair look longer than San, but slightly different from the original character is not always bad, in fact she looks more natural and convincing in this Princess Mononoke Cosplay picture with her real hair. I really like the environment, the fallen giant tree can describes jungle atmosphere well, we even can see the cute Kodama (spirit) in there.

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