Perfect Dragon Ball Cosplay

The most Perfect Dragon Ball Cosplay of Mr.satan Ever!!, No wigs, no costume, no fake mustaches, I think he is naturally endowed with a face of Mr.Satan. Awesome! I wonder if he's a big fan and deliberately imitate Mr.Satan or he never even knew that he was blessed the Mr.Satan's handsomeness ^^. well, apart from the obvious Cosplaying or not, he look so perfect on this Perfect Dragon Ball Cosplay photo, 

So, Ladies and Gentleman!, let me introduce to you, the most strong fighter in the world, undefeated world champion ... dumm ... dumm ... dummm (drum effect!) ....... Mr. SAATAAAANNN!.

This is not the new picture on the internet, this is the most legendary Dragon Ball Cosplay Picture :D, I've long had this picture on my computer and just found it again last night, 

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