Enma Ai Cosplay by Enmyo

If you hate someone, Enma Ai can help you to eliminate those that you hate and send him dirctly to hell!, But unlucky you...Enma Ai is just the fiction character  from Jigoku Shoujo anime or also known as The Girl from hell ^^, Revenge, injustice, hatred, and the nature of human emotions are common themes throughout the series, and remmember! obliterate someone was breaking the law and not cool so don't even think to do it :D. this is very beautiful Ai Enma Cosplay and the cosplayer name is Enmyo.

I really like the second photo, black and dark shades are very thick felt there, i even can feel the darkness and empetyness atmosphere on it, I think it is perfect for represent the Hell Girl Ai figure, I think this picture was taken at steps of an abandoned building or maybe that is still unfinished building!? Enmyo whatever it is choosing the right place as the background of this Enma Ai Cosplay photography.

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