Victoria Cindry Cosplay by Doris

Interesting Victoria Cindry Cosplay photo by Doris, Victoria Cindry is a Dr. Hogback's zombie from Gecko Moria Arc in One Piece anime, in her lifetime she is a famous singer and her good personality made Dr.Hogback fall in love to her (refused ofc XD poor Hogback-chin) but oneday she got an incident that make her lose her life, Dr.Hogback still love Victoria Cindry so with Moria's help he use (plate hater) girl shadow to make Cindry back to alive or atleast look like alive. 

That explain why on this Victoria Cindry Cosplay photo...Doris's body full with surgery patch. well actually nothing impressive about Doris Costume on this Victoria Cindry Cosplay photo ^^ since it just simple dress costume, but i really love her expression, how she look at camera,  its make Victoria Cindry character alive here, that why i do love this Victoria Cindry Cosplay

Wait is that real Cramic plate? XD glad Usop is not here or else she will throw off all of that cramic plate in to Usop face, it still mistery why Cindry really hate usop.

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