Rinami Cosplay Photography as Eru Chitanda

Rinami Cosplay Photography as Eru Chitanda Gallery

This time Rinami Cosplay as the main protagonist character from Hyoka anime series, Eru Chitanda, Eru Chitanda is A curious girl who is a member of the Classic Literature Club. Whenever a mystery is brought to her, she won't be able to stop thinking about it until it is solved. well though i dont know much about this anime but i am pretty sure that Rinami has did great on this Rinami Cosplay as Eru, i already compare this Rinami Cosplay with Eru image on the internet, i think rinami looks fits enough as Eru Chitanda character, even she has made a sweeter version of Eru character ^^, beside that this Rinami Cosplay photography seems very neat and looks very soft with nice lighting intense, she looks very pretty, well i got this Rinami Cosplay Photography from cosrain. i really love this cosplay photo, i think this is one of the best Rinami Cosplay photography.

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