Beauty of Midori Kanda : Everyday

This is not about beauty of Midori Kanda in her cosplay costume, but this is hows beauty is she when she's not wearing any cosplay costume, she always look good when she cosplaying some character and i always love to see how she really look like a real one, you can check previous Midori Kanda Cosplay photography from here, but personally i love midori kanda more when she just wearing casual cloth like on this Midori Kanda Cosplay photography.

Beauty of Midori Kanda : Everyday Gallery

Well in this Midori Kanda Cosplay she just wearing everyday's cloth with her nikon camera (is that nikon ^^"!?) well whatever the brand of that camera, she looks very love it, i think this Midori Kanda Cosplay photography was taken when Midori Kanda visiting Dinosaur Zone, i still remember when i go to that place together XD (i wish lol), well i got this Midori Kanda Photography from cosrain. she look so beauty in this cosplay photo.

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