Air Gear Cosplay : Ringo Noyamano

Ringo Noyamano is the main female protagonist scharacter from Air Gear Anime series, and she is also one of my favorites female character on that anime after Simca, Ringo is school girls with red/pink hair and always wearing a red glasses, behind the cute appearance Ringo is the memmber of the famous Air Track group/gank Sleeping Forest (forgot what the Air track gank called in Air Gear Anime).

Air Gear Cosplay : Ringo Noyamano Gallery

Well the cosplayer behind this sweet Air Gear Cosplay is Sakura Rabbit i think i have post her cosplay photo on this blog before but not sure, Sakura Rabbit was manage to make very cute Ringo Noyamano on this Air Gear Cosplay photo, she got everything needed to look like a real Ringo Noyamano, but i think in some Air Gear Cosplay pictures her hair seems too red/pink and thats different with Ringo's hair color beside that i think that gloves were not needed when she was not wearing a Air Track ^^, well thats not a big matter i love this Air Gear Cosplay photo by Sakura Rabbit, she is "in character", i got this Air Gear Cosplay from Sakura Rabbit's worldCosplay page.

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