Miyuko Cosplay Photo as Chizuru Yukimura

Miyuko Cosplay Photo as Chizuru Yukimura Character from Hakuoki anime series, actually this anime is adapted from Video game with same tittled, and in this Miyuko Cosplay photo she cosplaying as the main protagonist female character from the series, previously Miyuko cosplaying as Soji Okita though she cosplaying as male character but she still looks cute (she always looks cute in my eyes :D) actually Miyuko not seem fits enough as Chizuru Yukimura for me, not sure why but i think that because Miyuko has different face characteristic with Chizuru personality in anime and i think Miyuko need more big eyes ~its just different, but still i love this Miyuko Cosplay photo she has been made very pretty and cute Chizuru Yukimura character beside that i love the detail on her cosplay costume (thats seems so complicated XD) beside that the engraving on her Kodachi seems nice though i cant see that clearly.

Miyuko Cosplay Photo as Chizuru Yukimura Gallery

I got better version of Chizuru Yukimura Cosplay but cant post that now because i still cant find out whos the cosplayer name behind that sweet Chizuru Cosplay, i will post that when i get information about whos the cosplayer is or when i already give up to find out who she is xD, well i really love the sleeves of this cosplay costume (just like Yuna costume sleeves) always made girl looks more sweeter and cute with that (at least for me :P), At the beginning of the series, Chizuru Yukimura is seen being chased by two men, who were suddenly attacked by a Rasetsu, She witnesses Hajime Saito kill off the Rasetsu and is then taken to the Shinsengumi headquarters by Toshizo Hijikata, where they allow her to stay, because they too were in search of her father, i got this Miyuko Cosplay from her facebook page, you can visit there to see her another Cosplay photo.  

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