One Piece Cosplay Shirahoshi by BaDianDian

One Piece Cosplay Shirahoshi by BaDianDian Cosplayer as Shirahoshi Hime (or Luffy call her crybaby Shirahoshi) well agreed with luffy xD, Shirahoshi is the princess of mermaid, she is a giant smelt-whiting mermaid and the youngest of King Neptune's children despite her size, Shirahoshi is rather easily frightened. She has a very fragile personality, quickly breaking out into crying fits whenever she gets upset (such as crybaby xD) but thats a cute part of shirahoshi :D, however actually she has strong will and not that crybaby ( she not telling everyone about Hody kill her mom, this shows that Shirahoshi has a strong and gentle spirit since not hating her mother's killer (even though it's her mother's last wish) would be impossible for most people) awesome girl T.T <~ deeply moved, Luffy's treatment of Shirahoshi is similar to how Ace treated Luffy during their childhood.

One Piece Cosplay Shirahoshi by BaDianDian Gallery

Well another One Piece Cosplay Photo from my Favoritest One Piece Cosplayer :D Ba Dian Dian (Ajo looks fits too as Shirahoshi), I always love to see Ba Dian Dian Cosplay especially when she cosplaying as Caimie and Shirahosi (i think i already said that at my last post about her XD) whatever, this morning i open my MyAnimeGirls facebook page, and i found another One Piece Cosplay photo as Shirahoshi from Ba Dian Dian page so i decide to post that here xD, hope BaDianDian not mind it (since she not replay my massage), well the most i love from badiandian is her expression i dont know why but she looks so cute with her expression in this Shirahoshi cosplay (she looks fits with Shirahoshi personality), well till know i still wondering how fits BaDianDian if she cosplaying as Perona after timeskip, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo by BaDianDian from her facebook page, you can go there to see her another cosplay photo ^^. its sweet One Piece Cosplay as Shirahoshi by BaDianDian.

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