One Piece Cosplay Photo Shirahoshi Hime

One Piece Cosplay Photo Shirahoshi Hime Character by Badandan cosplayer, Shirahoshi is a Mermaid Hime (hime can be mean Princess), she is is a giant smelt-whiting mermaid and the youngest of King Neptune's children, Shirahoshi is a giant-sized mermaid, approximately the size of her pet Megalo, and is described as "cute but huge" in her introduction (indeed she cute XD), She has very long, flowing strawberry-blonde hair with a fish-shaped hairgrip and She wears a cleavage baring yellow halter top covered in pearls with a strap that widens and sticks out on the back of her neck, though she has Giant body but she is crybaby who always crying ^^ because of that Luffy call her as crybabe Shirahoshi.

One Piece Cosplay Photo Shirahoshi Hime Gallery

Well lately i always post Badandan Cosplay photo XD, ummm maybe because we have same favorites anime, Badandan always cosplaying as One Piece anime character even the character which rarely cosplayed by other cosplayer, ya including this One Piece Cosplay, Badandan cosplaying as Shirahoshi hime a Mermaid Princess this the only Shirahoshi cosplay which i ever seen (so far) and this is great Shirahoshi cosplay, which i love from Badandan is she always seem enjoying her character who made her can make the character alive (i love her Caimie cosplay too :D), uhhh look at third One Piece cosplay photo ^^" i guess badandan put her face in the sand for real XD awesome!! that look like the careless Shirahoshi for real XD (what i imagine is, after she fell like that, she would start cry...i still remember how her face when she crying ^^", well beside that her One Piece cosplay costume has been made well too, i think her her costume is perfectly close to the Shirahoshi cloth in the anime (though i cant see her Clam earing and belly chains :D, well i got this awesome One Piece Cosplay photo from Badandan's WorldCosplay page, i love all her One Piece Cosplay XD.

P.s   That was a cute Luffy lolz

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