Macross Frontier Cosplay Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier Cosplay Sheryl Nome Character by Korean Cosplayer Rin, Macross Frontier (Makurosu Furontia) is japanese animated space drama that aired in japan from april 3, 2008, i watch this anime but not watch this till end, i even dont know this anime was or not xD, i dont really follow this anime becouse the character pictures on this anime is not my type :D, and in this Macross Frontier Cosplay as Sheryl Nome the cosplayer is one of the korean cosplayer named Rin, Tasha tomia miyuko rin and some other cosplayer (i dont know yet they name) seem often did cosplay together, like they did on the Macross Frontier cosplay photo with nurse costume which i post lately, and i think Sheryl Nome has become more famouse and favorites character to cosing by the cosplayer, wonder shes popular among the cosplayer coz Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy :D.

Macross Frontier Cosplay Sheryl Nome Gallery

Rin Cosplay as Sheryl Nome, its been like 10 time i post of Sheryl Nome, like i said Sheryl Nome seem very popular among the cosplayer that why many coser seem often Cosplaying as Sheryl Nome, and i think this is my first time i saw Rin Cosplaying as Sheryl Nome with the wedding dress, she look sooo sweet with that, i'll be very happy if i become her bride xD, Rin seem fit as the Pop idol Sheryl Nome with her sweet face and nice body, and she did great too on her cosplay costume and the background set, i love too see Rin cosplaying as Sheryl nome on this Macross Frontier Cosplay Sheryl Nome, when i saw this cosplay Macross Frontier Cosplay Sheryl Nome with wedding dress i ve thinking about did Sheryl Nome was merried in the anime :o? i never see her in wedding dress like this since i watch that anime, there is Tasha too in one picture i think they will merried soon :D, well...i got this sweet Macross Frontier Cosplay Sheryl Nome by Rin from, visit there to see another sweet cosplay photo.

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