Chii Cosplay as tsuruhime from Singoku Bashara

This is Chii cosplay from one of my favorite video game, Singoku Bashara, singoku Bashara is new japanese war version of Singoku Musou, in this Singoku Bashara cosplay Chii cosplay as tsuruhime one of girls character in this game, well chii look cute and sweet with this tsuruhime cosplay costume, we can said she did well, though i think Chii not fit enough with tsuruhime with exist in my head, and i know the cosplay costume (tsuruhime armor) has been made well and highly detailed with lace in every single part in her costume.

Chii Cosplay as Tsuruhime Gallery

I play this Singoku Bashara game in PS 3 last week, and still playing till now ^^. i love that game, and i really happy whan see this Chii Cosplay photo as tsuruhime, and i event more happy when see the cosplayer is chii (she is one of my new favorite cosplayer ^^), Tsuruhime is a character newly featured in Sengoku BASARA 3. Seer with the power of prophecy, Raised as a miko of Kono. Doesn’t know the evils of the world since she spent her whole life tucked away in Kono. well..i got this Chii cosplay photo from, nice cosplay!    

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