Tasha Cosplay as Sheryl Nome from Macross

Tasha Cosplay as Sheryl from Macross Frontier, seem amazing and full of spirite arround her ^^, i think tasha did this cosplay when japan got hit by earthquake and tsunami in this year, becouse tasha carrying board with writing Pray for Japan in her hand, well...tasha has did well with this Tasha Cosplay photo as Sheryl nome, the Sheryl Nome Costume and the background very represent of Sheryl Nome background, i think Sheryl nome in this Tasha Cosplay photo look like she got glory in war, well i got this Tasha Cosplay photo from Strawberrydeathkiss.

Tasha Cosplay as Sheryl Nome Gallery

Known as the "Galactic Fairy", Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy fleet who constantly tops music chart, Sheryl's first encounter with Alto Saotome occurs when he serves as a backup 'performer' at her first concert in Frontier. Eventually, she also develops a crush on him. The prequel manga reveals that her parents were residents of the Macross Galaxy who were opposed to mandatory cybernetic implants by the government and were ordered to be either executed or captured by the authorities under the cause of treason.

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